Website Design

North Kent Web Design build, design and develop websites that meet your requirements. Whatever the challenge we work to provide the most efficient solution to your online presence. We specialise in working with small to medium business, always finding the best and most cost effective solution to your project. It’s always best to tell us what you want and let us advise you as to the best solution for your budget, to give you an idea here is a break down into comprehendible categories to give you an idea of what you need:


Online Business Card Sites
A small web page that contains a minimal amount of detail. It is basically an online business card or advert that is 1 page that doesn’t require anything more than a few choice words about what you do and your contact details. It is a basic layout without a constructed design and would include your logo and your content presented in a tidy way. This is a very affordable solution and is ideal if you are looking for your first web presence. Prices start from just £99.
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General Websites
Websites can vary in size and in their functions and it is very difficult to categorise every possible combination, so if your requirements are more than the above, you would probably fall under this category. The most common type of website we deal with is under the “Other Websites” category and is often between 1-10 pages of content and images details of products or services, contact details and a contact form. This would all be presented in a design that suits your company logo, colour scheme and style. This type of site is very affordable still, but is far more common. This type of site is ideal for companies looking to be found on search engines for their products or services and who do not need to make regular changes to their site. Prices start from £400.
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CMS Websites
CMS websites are simply the same as the above mentioned “General Websites” but you manage the content and they are our most popular site. It is as simple as that, you login to an administration panel with a username and password and from there you can change your: Text, images, pages, news posts, links, through an online program that works similar to Microsoft Word. In fact any content you want to change maybe done with a CMS website. This is an ever popular choice of website as businesses need the flexibility of being able to change their website content instantly. This type of site is also popular as the social networking and business networking sides of the internet collide, the CMS site allows for easy blogging and news feeds, interactive elements like user comments on posts and pages and much more. In all this is the ideal solution for new and existing businesses for their web presence. In terms of cost, it is still very affordable and these type of websites start from £500.
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E-Commerce Website Example
So your selling online? Well the good news is that gone are the days when you need to pay someone to build you a complete online shop from scratch! Nowadays most e-commerce requirements can be handled with a pre-built shopping cart. Our job is to find out what you need and to select the most  appropriate one, install it, design the front end around your logo, colour scheme and style then develop any custom requirements you may have. These types of projects can take a little longer to complete and prices start at around £1000.
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